• Truffle Sea Salt - Maldon Regular

    There are sea salts, and there is the Maldon Salt. Its fine flakes are almost a necessity for

    7.99 EUR
  • Truffle Salt - Himalaya

    Our chunky bits of Truffle Earth are mixed with the pinky Himalaya Salt to enhance your salt experience.

    9.99 EUR
  • Truffle Earth

    Bigger and heavier than the Truffle Dust, our Truffle Earth also contains sea salt and gives a higher visibility of truffle on any dish.

    11.99 EUR
  • Truffle Dust

    A simple and easy to use product, Truffle Dust can give a light touch of truffle flavor.

    11.99 EUR
  • Burgundy Truffle Slice - 100% Truffle

    Thanks to a special drying technique, this product does not contain any additional aroma or flavorings

    7.99 EUR
  • Truffle Honey

    The Acacia Honey used in this product is a typical Hungarian taste and texture, paired with the black burgundy truffle to achieve a long lasting taste.

    7.99 EUR
  • Truffle Morel Sauce

    Morels are about both texture and taste. In the Truffle Morel Sauce we have mostly worked to highlight the excellent

    6.99 EUR
  • Truffle Porcini Sauce

    We vacuum-cook the porcini at a low temperature to eliminate its moisture content, thus obtaining an excellent, condensed and natural aroma.

    5.99 EUR
  • Truffle Champignon Sauce

    A blend of white button mushroom and burgundy truffles, vacuum-cooked for the best taste and texture experience.

    4.99 EUR
  • Mediterranean XO Sauce

    The Mediterranean XO Sauce is our translation of the original Chinese taste, with a European twist.

    5.99 EUR
  • Chinese XO Sauce

    The XO Sauce originates in the streets of Kowloon in Hong Kong, denoting a high quality, flavor rich product, elevated with our finest burgundy truffles.

    7.99 EUR
  • Truffle Carpaccio

    Pure black summer truffles sliced and dipped in the finest spanish extra virgin olive oil, that can be your companion in the kitchen.

    19.99 EUR
  • White Truffle Olive Oil

    The finest quality extra virgin olive oil from Spain is infused with the aroma of the white truffle (Tuber magnatum).

    9.99 EUR
  • Burgundy Truffles in Cognac

    Whole Burgundy truffles in cognac.

    An intense aroma of truffle luxury soon to become companions of many meals and unique dining opportunities.

    10.99 EUR
  • Black Truffle Sauce

    We have created this simple yet unique truffle sauce by using finely chopped black burgundy truffle (Tuber Uncinatum), olive oil and sea salt.

    9.99 EUR
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